NAB 2017 Rewind - Devon Ko: 3D: A Visual Playground for Artists and Designers

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  • Duration: 42:55
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In her second project, Devon uses Cinema 4D's sweep object to make a "Toblerone shape" that she bends with a wind deformer. She then repeats these shapes with a cloner in order to create a wave-like effect.
She finishes her presentation by showing how she created an illustration using her brand's swatches. Using some cubes, a cloner, and shadow-casting lights she creates a complete image.
Throughout her presentation, Devon makes active use of her prior Photoshop knowledge to tweak colors and create finished compositions.

04:49Project: Shape
05:04Adding Shapes
05:52Switching to a 2D Perspective
07:27Create a Luminous Material
08:32Adding a Gradient
10:03Adding Texture to a Gradient
13:50Working with your Render in Photoshop
15:29Project: Making Waves
15:59Modeling a Wave with Splines and Sweep Objects
18:48Making the Wave Wavy with the Wind Deformer
23:54Adding Color
27:32Swatch Illustration
31:41Adding Lighting
36:00Arranging your Swatches with the Cloner Object