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3D Printing

3D Printing is not simply a buzzword - it’s a powerful technology that allows you to transform your Cinema 4D creations into real, physical objects that can be as useful as they are artistic. Check out these Cineversity and third-party resources to learn more about 3D Printing with Cinema 4D.




Gain an overview of 3D Printing from MAXON’s 3D Printing Webinar

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    MAXON’s 3D Printing Webinar

    Paulo Kiefe of Creative Tools and MAXON’s Johan-Bernd Zweverink provide a complete overview of the 3D Printing process and tools, and some best practices for designing 3D prints in Cinema 4D.




    Basic theory and considerations when preparing 3D prints in Cinema 4D

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      3D Printing Workflow with Cinema 4D

      In this series, you’ll learn some of the basic concepts to consider when preparing your Cinema 4D models for 3D printing, as well as the general workflow required to make your models into a 3D print. We’ll focus specifically on the workflow with Makerbot, since that’s one of the most popular commercial 3D printers, but the general concepts apply to most 3D printers.


      3D Printing Projects


      Explore 3D Printing with Cinema 4D through practical projects.

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        3D Print Your Name with Cinema 4D

        Learn how to use Cinema 4D to create a 3D print based on extruded Adobe Illustrator artwork. This could be made into a simple nameplate, a keychain, cake topper, or some similar item.

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        Model and 3D Print a GoPro Mount

        Learn how Cinema 4D can be used to model and 3D print a GoPro extension arm. Cinema 4D may not be the first choice for precision modeling, but it is capable and you’ll explore many of the tools that make it easier, including project scale, boolean tools for both splines and objects, snapping and the Measure & Construction tools.

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        3D Print a Figure

        Learn how to prepare a character model for 3D printing, to use as a maquette or action figure. You’ll learn how to smooth the model with subdivision surfaces and control the smoothing via SDS Weighting. You’ll also learn how to fix bad geometry including reversed normals and non-manifold edges. Finally, you’ll see several methods of generating support for the model.