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After Effects Integration

Getting started with Cinema 4D is easier than ever with Cinema 4D Lite inside After Effects, and Cinema 4D’s breakthrough Cineware integration with After Effects.

Beginner Projects

These projects will help you get started with C4D Lite and Cineware.

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    Cineware Party

    Learn the basics of text creation, spline-based modeling, materials, lighting, rendering and Cineware integration. This tutorial is presented in CINEMA 4D Lite, but can be followed without any issue in all editions of CINEMA 4D.

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    2D Style Cel Animation in Cinema 4D Lite

    In this course you will learn how to create Splines, Spline Objects, and use Extrude Objects to create a mobile Video Game device in Cinema 4D Lite. This course will give After Effects users a starting point to begin becoming familiar with using Cinema 4D in their 2D pipeline.

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    Creating a 3D Illustrative Animated Cursive Logo

    In this series you will learn how to create and manipulate splines and utilize & animate Sweep Objects to create an animated 3d logo using Cinema 4D Lite in After Effects.

C4D Lite Reference

Learn the basics of C4D Lite, tool-by-tool.

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    Cinema 4D Lite Reference

    This series will teach you everything you need to know in order to start creating spectacular graphics using C4D Lite, from the ground up. You don’t need any 3D knowledge, just a passion to learn 3D, a good sense of humor and Adobe After Effects CC.