Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Bhakti Patel: A Three Year Journey in C4D

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Bhakti Patel is a 3D Animator and Motion Designer. Her work includes the Emmy-nominated main titles for Vinyl, UI design, and animation for Black Panther, the main-on-end titles for Thor Ragnarok, the Opening Ceremony for the UEFA Champions League Finals and over a dozen commercials and titles. She also happens to be addicted to Netflix, bookstores, and nachos.

During her presentation Bhakti breaks down a teaser she created for American Horror Story, an ad for El Silencio Mezcal and one of her "everyday" projects. Bhakti quickly and easily animates a snake using SplineWrap and Displacement, and uses Depth of Field to add a bit of drama. For one of her "everyday" pieces she goes step-by-step through the creation of using primitives, deformations, MoGraph cloner, GI, Booleans and more.

01:27Demo Reel
02:24Creating an American Horror Story Teaser
04:29Animating a Snake
08:45Creating the Texture for the Snake
17:15Creating Drama with Depth of Field
22:37El Silencio Mezcal Commercial
24:19Modeling the Mezcal Bottle
29:37Overview of Bhakti's "Everydays" Work
30:57Step by Step Creative Process of a Bhakti "Everyday"