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Motion Graphics

You’ll find motion graphics almost everywhere these days, from commercials, to film titles, to educational videos. Follow this learning guide on how to communicate ideas through motion design.

Beginner Projects

These projects will give you a broad overview of creating motion graphics in Cinema 4D.

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    Cineware Party

    Learn the basics of text creation, spline-based modeling, materials, lighting, rendering and Cineware integration. This tutorial is presented in CINEMA 4D Lite, but can be followed without any issue in all editions of CINEMA 4D.

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    Power Integration Tour

    Shows basic logo creation, as well as examples of real-world use of Sketch & Toon and MoGraph. This series is a bit dated, but you should be able to follow with minor interface changes in any edition of CINEMA 4D.

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    Text Block Buildup

    In this series you will learn how to use MoGraph cloners and Effectors to create a complex text effect.

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    Animated VU Meter

    Create a 3D audio meter using the MoGraph Cloner object, then animate it using an audio file and the Sound Effector.

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    MoDynamics with Particle Modifiers

    Use MoDynamics and the attractor, turbulence, and rotation modifiers to create a clump of spheres that organically interact with each other.

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    Bullet Time

    In this series we will show you the full process of creating a time remapped CG title sequence.

Intermediate Projects

Once you know your way around the interface, you can attempt some more in-depth projects.

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    Self-Building Roman Pillar

    Learn how to create a self assembling roman pillar with Cineversity 1ON1 trainer, Darrin Frankovitz.

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    California Build On

    Create an animated end-tag using MoGraph. 2D vector artwork is voxelized into a 3D model using CV-Art Smart and the Cloner object

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    MoDyn Medical Logo

    Create a medically-themed logo treatment with a time-release capsule. In the finished animation, the capsule cracks open, and its contents spill to reveal a logo.

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    Animating Sticky Notes with MoGraph

    Walk through the basic concepts and construction of stop-motion-syle sticky note animation on a cubical wall. Follow along to see how you can create an animation in Photoshop and then use that resulting animation in conjunction with MoGraph to drive your clones.

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    Puzzle Animation

    Create and animate a 3D puzzle using Adobe Illustrator and the CINEMA 4D MoGraph module. Also learn how to render out a UV pass so that you can easily change the image on the puzzle in After Effects.

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    Building a Logo from Particles

    Build up a logo from a bunch of small pieces.

Intermediate Techniques

While these tutorials don’t take you step-by-step to a finished animation, the techniques you learn can add some punch to any number of motion graphics projects.

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    Growing Parametric Wires: Creating a Flexible Xpresso Rig for Animation

    Inspired by Paul Clements’ Headphones, this tutorial shows how to build a robust rig that allows for easy changes and animation.

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    This series explores several techniques to create an animated filmstrip.

Advanced Projects

These projects often use less-known features of Cinema 4D in order to create their end-result.

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    MoSpline Tournament Bracket

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a branching structure with MoSpline’s Turtle mode, and how to use nested rules to create compound structures. You’ll also learn how to affect movement based on the growth or a custom user data parameter. The end result is a 16 team tournament bracket.

Advanced Techniques

These techniques often focus on solving workflow issues experienced by designers working in production.

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    Creating a Title-Selector Using Xpresso

    This series introduces a technique for quickly generating different versions of a title sequence based on the name of the show and the time of day. This process is sometimes referred to as “versioning”.


Inspiring high-level discussions of motion design and shot breakdowns from some of the best Cinema 4D artists on the planet.

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    NAB 2014 Rewind

    Presentations recorded live from the MAXON booth at NAB 2014.

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    NAB 2013 Rewind

    Presentations recorded live from the MAXON booth at NAB 2013.

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    NAB 2012 Rewind

    Presentations recorded live from the MAXON booth at NAB 2012.

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    NAB 2010 Rewind

    Presentations recorded live from the MAXON booth at NAB 2010.

Essential Tools

While Cinema 4D is very capable on its own, these tools take it to the next level.

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    Import, extrude and animate Adobe Illustrator files with ease! CINEMA 4D has basic Illustrator support built-in, but this free Cineversity plugin supercharges your Illustrator workflow.

  2. External link.’s Light Kit Pro

    Essential lighting setups and HDRI files for any Motion Graphics project

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    SwIm :: Adobe Swatch Importer

    Easily import Adobe swatches into Cinema 4D. With the help of Adobe’s Kuler you may never need to worry about inventing a color scheme again.

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    Add all the object buffers in your scene to the Multipass Render Settings with a single click.

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    PlaneSmart imports Photoshop PSD files and distributes the layers as planes in Z space within CINEMA 4D.

Third Party Resources

There are a huge number of project-based motion graphics tutorials that are available online. These are some of our favorite tutorial websites.

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    Greyscale Gorilla

    One of the biggest names in the Cinema 4D tutorial scene, Greyscale Gorilla produce a new tutorial on an almost weekly basis. Check out their visual tutorial gallery for a sense of what’s possible.

  2. Design in Motion on

    Rob Garrott teaches a number of essential motion graphics techniques through a series of small weekly projects.

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    hello LUXX

    Professional motionographer, C4D expert, & teacher Tim Clapham has created a number of free tutorials that teach solid design and advanced Cinema 4D techniques.

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    cg tuts+

    Step-by-step projects based tutorials. Learn to create everything from flying logos to mock-commercials.