CV-Convert to PBR Material: Convert Color and Specular to Diffuse and Reflection

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Instructor Donovan Keith

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  • Duration: 04:09
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  • Made with Release: 19
  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

Easily switch from simple color materials to a reflectance-based workflow.

A Cinema 4D Script for easily converting materials to a reflectance-based workflow.

  • Converts selected color + spec materials to the "New PBR Material" template.

  • Useful for updating imported materials (via FBX, OBJ, etc) to something that is more Cinema 4D R19 friendly.

  • Limited support for updating "Reflection (Legacy)" single reflectance layers to PBR.

Known Limitations
  • No support for Animated parameters.

  • Specular -> Reflectance and back again is lossy.

  • Fresnel won’t match source if you’re using a Fresnel shader