Quickly Find Presets in the Cinema 4D Content Browser

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Search C4D's Content Browser by name and type.

Learn how to quickly find things in the Cinema 4D Content Browser using the search feature to search by name and type.

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- In this Cinema 4D Quick Tip, I'm going to show you how to quickly find things in the Cinema 4D content browser. So here I have a scene and I basically just want to put a wood grain here in the background. So I'm going to go into the content browser, and go into presets. And a lot of people complain about the organization of the content browser. But I don't even bother with the folder structure that's there. What I do instead is, I click this magnifying glass to open the search. And I can simply type "wood." And I get a lot of different things that relate to wood. Well, if I want to just get material presets, what I can do is go down here on the drop-down and choose the plus sign. And I can choose File Type is Material Preset. When I hit search again, now I'm going to get just material presets that match my name search. So that's the Quick Tip for today. Use the name search, but then also use the file type search and set it to the type of file that you are looking for, or the type of preset that you're looking for. So here, I like this burl wood. I'm just going to drag it down into my material manager, and right into my scene.
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