CV-VRCam: Download and Install

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Render Equirectangular and Omni-directional Stereo imagery in Cinema 4D

CV-VRCam make it easy to render equirectangular and omni-directional stereo imagery directly in Cinema 4D using either the Advanced or Physical Render engines. This simply plugin is available to Cineversity subscribers via the CV-Toolbox, or can be directly downloaded from the Files link of this tutorial.

If you don’t already have CV-Toolbox installed, please watch this video for instructions: CV Toolbox Download & Install

To Install CV-VRCam Manually:
You will need to download the .zip folder from Cineversity by clicking the "Files" button above. You will then need to extract the plugin before placing it in your plugins folder.
When you're inside Cinema 4D, Go to Edit > Preferences > Open Preferences Folder. This will take you to your Cinema 4D Preference folder.
Navigate to the Plugins folder and put the CV-VRCam Plugin in this folder.
If you already have C4D open, you will have to restart the program before you will see the plugin appear.

Version 1.1
- Fixed omni-directional stereo (ODS) calculation (thanks to Perry Patterson for insight and testing)
- Removed C4D Stereo piggyback option, due to limitations
- Added compatibility for C4D R15.057 and greater
- Fixed minor issues with VRCam rig (thanks to Mike Senften)

Version 1.0
- Initial Release