Motion Tracking & Object Tracking inside Cinema 4D: Object Tracker Attributes

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An overview of the Object Tracker Object Attributes.

An overview of the Object Tracker Object Attributes. The "Object Tracker" is the Object that holds all the trackers associated to the specific object we're trying to track.



The object tracker object is the object that holds all the trackers associated to the specific object we're trying to track. If your short has more than one objects to track, each object needs its own object tracker object. Too many objects, but unfortunately that is the terminology. Let's take a quick look at the attributes. In the trackers tab, we have a link to the motion tracker that holds all the associated data including the footage, and the camera solve. The object tracker simply cannot exist without a motion tracker, even if the short has a static camera. Underneath that, we have a link to a geometry object. This is used in geometry assisted tracking, but I will not be showing this workflow in this series. Then we have a list of all trackers that define the specific object we are tracking. These were originally tracked in the motion tracker, and then selected, and assigned using the buttons below. Any tracker that has been assigned to an object tracker is excluded from 3D camera solve, as it doesn't provide any useful information about the camera motion. Name, search size, and pattern size are the object tracker's equivelant settings we saw in the motion tracker. Each tracker can have a different set of values and we can set these interactively in the viewport as well. In the reconstruction tab, we can lock the solved data for the specific object so that we can proceed to tracking another object in the scene. The two settings in the very long named group, settings for geometry assisted object tracking, are irrelevant as we won't be showing any geo assisted tracking. Of course, right at the bottom we have the most important button. Run 3D solver for object. When pressed, the object trackers will be evaluated against the camera solve, and the object motion will be calculated. With this video, we have concluded the overview of the attributes of the motion and object trackers. I think it's time to start tracking. We will start by tracking the survey shot.
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