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  • Made with Release: 20
  • Works with Release: 14 - 19

Scene Updater plugin loads old scene files and updates them to load in R20 or higher.

This Plugin should only be installed in versions of Cinema 4D R19 or Older.
With Cinema 4D R20 the ability to load scenes, that got saved with Cinema 4D versions older than R12, has been removed.

Scene Updater was initially created by Maxime Adam
The plugin is supposed to help users locate such scenes and, when running in a version which still has the ability to load such scenes (e.g. R19), it can convert these to a newer file format, which can then be loaded in R20 again. When doing so, no files will be overwritten, but instead it will save a new scene file with the major version of Cinema 4D appended to the filename.

Scene Updater can not guarantee converted scenes will act or produce the same results as the file did before. It only allows to convert the scene file format to a newer version that can be opened in R20. The conversion happens basically by loading the scene into a more up-to-date version of Cinema 4D and saving it under a different name. If the scene already has issues with the used Cinema 4D version, the plugin can not do anything about it. Scene Updater can not erase files.
Scene Updater will not overwrite files (at least unless not explicitly wanted by the user).