Python OBJ Sequence Export: Exporting the Scene & Communicating Status

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SaveDocument, Getting SceneSaver Format IDs, Status Bar

Sequenced OBJ files can be used in a variety of workflows, including After Effects plugins like Trapcode Form or Element 3D. This tutorial series offers a script that can be used to export an OBJ sequence, and provides explanation for how the script is created in CINEMA 4D’s Python API. If you just want the script, you can download it from the Files link on this tutorial (login required).

In this tutorial, you’ll learn a technique for generating an incremental filename, and how to export a scene to any C4D-supported format. You’ll see how a simple script can display all possible format IDs. You’ll learn several methods of communicating status, including printing information to the console, updating the time slider, and setting the status bar.