CV-SmartExport: Download and Install

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  • Duration: 02:02
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  • Made with Release: 16
  • Works with Release: 16 and greater

Export selected objects, each layer, and baked Character Objects from Cinema 4D with the CV-SmartExport plugin.

Learn how to download and install CV-SmartExport using CV-Toolbox.

If you don’t already have CV-Toolbox installed, please watch this video for instructions: CV Toolbox Download & Install

To Install CV-SmartExport Manually:
You will need to download the .zip folder from Cineversity by clicking the "Files" button above. You will then need to extract the plugin before placing it in your plugins folder.
When you're inside Cinema 4D, Go to Edit > Preferences > Open Preferences Folder. This will take you to your Cinema 4D Preference folder.
Navigate to the Plugins folder and put the CV-SmartExport Plugin in this folder.
If you already have C4D open, you will have to restart the program before you will see the plugin appear.