CV-ArtSmart: Version 2 Overview

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ArtSmart v2 now offers Stroke Support, Copy/Paste with Illustrator and more!

Cineversity ArtSmart has revolutionized the way you interact with Adobe Illustrator files within CINEMA 4D. Import almost any Illustrator file, define extrusions, path offsets and MoGraph animation - converting 2D artwork into a complete 3D animation with just a few clicks.

Now, ArtSmart v2 makes it even easier to interact with your Illustrator artwork, with Stroke Support, Copy & Paste between Illustrator & C4D, and other valuable enhancements.



- Cineversity ArtSmart has revolutionized the way you interact with Adobe Illustrator files and other vector artwork within Cinema 4D. With ArtSmart, it's easy to import Illustrator and PDF files without conversion to an outdated format. The incredibly flexible ArtSmart object allows you to easily define extrusions, path offsets, and MoGraph animation, converting your 2D artwork into a complete 3D animation with just a few clicks. Now, ArtSmart V2 makes it even easier to interact with your Illustrator artwork. With improved defaults and stroke support, you'll immediately see a 3D representation of your logo. The improved importer supports more Illustrator features, ensuring that your logo imports properly. And copy and paste functionality makes it easy to quickly exchange paths between Cinema 4D and Adobe Illustrator. After you've copied artwork in Illustrator, simply click the ArtSmart paste command to paste the art into Cinema 4D. To move C4D's splines into Illustrator, select the splines and choose ArtSmart copy. The paths are translated into Illustrator's own clipboard format, and you can paste them as usual into Illustrator. Even generated splines, like Cinema 4D's spline primitives or the result of a tracer object, can be copied directly to Illustrator. Another major advancement in ArtSmart V2 is stroke support. ArtSmart now reads the width and color of each stroke, in addition to filled paths. With strokes, most artwork now looks like it did in Illustrator immediately on import. Within the ArtSmart object, you can tweak the width of the strokes as well as the depth relative to the extrude. Add rounding and offset the stroke along the depth of the extrude. The start plus N mode allows you to create beveled effects on the front and back of each extruded path. With the growth option, you can animate the strokes on and off the screen. ArtSmart V2 offers more control than ever before, with the option to tweak the depth and offset of each individual path, in addition to controlling these on a global or per layer basis. All the power of ArtSmart is built on top of an improved parsing engine. Within uncompressed Illustrator files, path names are now shown. PDF files are handled much better, and there's a new option for uncompressed Illustrator files, allowing you to choose to parse the PDF-compatible data. In addition to RGB and CMYK colors, most custom colors, such as spot colors from Pantone and other color libraries are now imported. Gradient and pattern fills aren't currently supported, but the greedy fill option will import most of these paths with a solid color and unique materials for each path, allowing you to customize the colors in Cinema 4D. Finally, the import command has been enhanced with an options dialog, allowing you to set the force PDF and greedy fill options if you choose not to use the ArtSmart object. You can automatically center the artwork, or choose to create an ArtSmart object from the file instead of directly importing the splines. These options are remembered with your Cinema 4D preferences, so you can save a few clicks to create an ArtSmart object with this command. That's a taste of the power and flexibility available in version two of Cineversity ArtSmart. If you're not familiar with ArtSmart, be sure to watch the introductory video of ArtSmart on Cineversity. Download ArtSmart Version 2 today, and start working smarter.
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