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UV Mapping & Unwrapping

Prepare your 3D models for texture painting and light baking with UV Unwrapping/Mapping.


Learn the process of UV Unwrapping with these step-by-step tutorials.

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    Boston Terrier Illustration: Creating a UV Map Using the Unwrap UV Toolset in BodyPaint 3D

    An introduction to a simple but effective technique for unwrapping organic models.

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    UV - Relax and Unwrap

    Learn “pelt mapping” teachniques with a Velociraptor.

Live Presentations

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    NAB 2016 Rewind - Chris Schmidt: Deep Dive into UV Texturing and Anisotropic Metals

    Chris Schmidt of GreyscaleGorilla.com offers a deep dive into UV mapping in Cinema 4D, using Relax UV to generate LSCM and ABF unwraps, and manually moving the UV coordinates to match a specific texture.