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Cinema 4D Release 17

Cinema 4D Release 17 is all about workflow - there are enhancements big (Take System) and small (Render Tokens) that will positively impact artists regardless of industry. But they’re only useful if you know how to use them. To that end, we’ve recorded a number of quickstart videos showing the essential new features. Wherever possible, we show how these features can fit into your next project.

Check out some of the new features in #C4DR17 below!

Take System for Render Layers

Use the Take System in Cinema 4D Release 17 to generate custom render layer passes for flexibility in compositing.

Take System for Design Iteration

With the Take System in Cinema 4D Release 17, you can easily develop design concepts and iterations within a single scene file. Learn how to create Takes and Overrides to manage changes to object attributes, animation, material assignments and material attributes.

Spline Tools for Drawing, Sketching, Smoothing, and Combining Paths

New Spline Tools in Cinema 4D Release 17 make it easy to create, modify and combine vector paths.

Lens Distortion Tool for Undistorting WideAngle Footage

A complete Lens Distortion workflow makes it easy to integrate 3D with any shot, even notoriously difficult fisheye lens footage.

Motion Tracking Workflow

The motion tracker graph view makes it possible to easily find and filter out bad takes. This combined with the Lens Distortion shader and Post Effect make it easier than ever to work with wide-angle footage.

Render Tokens for Filename and Location Templates

Render tokens make it easy to organize rendered files, with project-file-based names, named object buffers, and folders for each pass. The tokens API even makes it simple to set up a Dailies folder.

Animation Workflow and Keyframe Interpolation Enhancements

An Euler Filter function adjusts rotation values to help eliminate gimbal lock. New AutoKey options make it much easier to manage F-Curves, eliminating overshoot and automatically weighting tangent values based on surrounding keys.

Color Chooser for Color Scheme Design, and Sampling Colors from Images

With the new Color Gadget in Cinema 4D Release 17, you can easily create color schemes based on color wheel harmonies or by sampling the colors of your screen or an image file. Color schemes can be saved in groups within the Swatches palette for later use.

Global Material Override

When combined with the Variation Shader, you can render a single pass and get a unique matte for every object in your scene.

Variation Shader for Random Colors and Seamless Textures

Randomly assign colors to objects, or pick colors from a specific palette. Even more useful is the ability to vary different image filters and UVW settings on a per object basis.

Sketchup (.skp) Import of Textured Models from 3D Warehouse

Import models from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse directly into Cinema 4D Release 17, and take advantage of the largest free model library on the internet.


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