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Virtual Product Design and Photography

Traditional product photography works great - until you want to change something. If you do, you’ve got to create another photo-ready prototype, book another shooting day with staff and equipment, and then edit out natural imperfections in the finished image. Cinema 4D allows you to render blemish-free “photos” of products immediately after changing your packing artwork in Illustrator or altering the product’s design in Cinema 4D.


Packaging Design


Creating an amazing product is only half the battle - you need to create a stunning package if you want it to jump out in crowded retail spaces. These videos will help guide you through creating packaging for products in Cinema 4D. 

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    Creating, Texturing and Rendering a Wine Bottle & Box

    Model, texture and render a wine bottle box and the packaging insert that holds the wine bottle in place.

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    Packaging Design

    Take Illustrator artwork and a die cut template and transform them into a photorealistic product visualization. This in-depth course will give you the techniques you need to take on a variety of design problems.

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    Decal Mapping Quick Tips

    If you’re looking to get an image out the door as quickly as possible, you can take advantage of Cinema 4D’s ability to layer multiple textures like decals and entirely skip the process of UV Unwrapping your product models.

Product Visualization

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    Texturing and Rendering a Wine Bottle

    Learn how to adapt preset objects for your packaging design needs, adding textures and lighting to achieve a high-quality product render that could be used for advertising.

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    Siggraph 2015 Rewind - Nick Campbell: 3D Lighting and Product Visualization

    Nick Campbell of GreyscaleGorilla demonstrates how to do a beer can product visualization, complete with condensation. You’ll see how to set up Reflectance with the help of HDRI Studio Pack, and then add water droplets on the surface of the can with X-Particles. 


3rd Party Training


If you’d like a different perspective on getting quickly up to speed with product visualization there are a number of great options.

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    Cinema 4D R18 Essential Training: Product Visualization and Design - Lynda.com

    Andy Needham takes you through Cinema 4D tools that are essential for product visualization and design.

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    Cinema 4D: Digital Product Photography - Lynda.com

    Donovan Keith breaks down the process of modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering a sports beverage advertising image.