Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Dean Giffin: Tactile Design with C4D

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Dean Giffin explores visual communication through a hybrid of mediums. His unique sense of style and experience attempts to unify design, technology, and tangible experience. He is both the Director at Swivet Studio while also freelancing to various design and motion studios around the world.

Dean's presentation covers tactile design and simulating fabric in a promo he created for the Nike Zoom Airbag. Dean models the the plastic shell of the heel and sole of Nike shoes with splines and the Loft generator. He then uses spilnes, spline dynamics and constraints in conjunction with the hair system to create a springy fabric effect. The effect is incredibly real and flexible. He finishes the presentation with an overview of the materials and lighting, done with Illustrator, CV-ArtSmart and Octane.

00:42Demo Reel
03:02Nike Zoom Airbag Promo
03:28Creating the Nike Plastic Shell Sole Element
21:04Creating the Springy Fabric Effect
34:14Adding the Springy Fabric Elements to the Plastic Framework
40:18Setting up Materials using Illustrator, CV-ArtSmart and Octane