Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Casey Hupke: Advanced Fracturing in Cinema 4D

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  • Duration: 45:16
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  • Made with Release: 19
  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

Casey discusses and illustrates the enhancements of Voronoi Fracture added in Release 19.

First he uses Voronoi Fracture to create a simple city topo map with objects to define the fracture profile, then Connect and MoExtrude with a Shader Effefctor to grow the buildings. He then uses the same concept to create a Greebled surface.

Casey then shows how to turn your Text into quads using Voronoi Fracture and then use PolyFX to create a confetti effect on the text. Next he uses Voronoi Fracture, inverts the selection to gaps, adds thickness and adds an animated shader as a source to create a cellular FUI effect. Casey then illustrates the capabilities of and uses for Connectors in Voronoi Fracture. Using it in conjunction with Rigid Body Dynamics, Casey shows variations of the tools on a demolishing a building scene. He also briefly covers the new detail feature.

In another example, Casey uses Voronoi Facture with selections and connectors, and Rigid Body Dynamocs to create a splintering fence. Lastly, Casey shows a brief example of using multiple Voronoi Fractures, MoGraph selections, and connectors with torque and force to create recursive fractures.

01:11Demo Reel and Other Work Samples
05:23New Voronoi Fracture Features in R19
07:56Using Other Objects to Define a Fracture
10:29Creating a Cityscape with Buildings
12:12Creating Greebled Surfaces
16:12Creating Confetti Text with Voronoi Facture and PolyFX
19:58Creating a Cellular FUI Effect with Voronoi Facture
21:42Using Connectors in Voronoi Fracture
40:28Creating a Splintering Fence
43:50Using multiple Voronoi Fractures with torque and force for recursive effects