Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Chris Schmidt: Exploring Parts of Cinema 4D You’ve Been Avoiding

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Chris is the Director of 3D Product Development at Greyscalegorilla. He basically makes cool tools and tutorials. This guy really knows Cinema 4D. In this presentation, Chris breaks down the process he went through to create some wickedly weird dancing trees for a music video - utilizing tools probably most of you have avoided because you thought they are too complicated. He makes tools like sculpting, UV editing, rigging, weighting and more, look fast and easy because frankly the way he explains and does ... it is easy. Have fun!

02:42Sample Reel
03:35Modeling the Cartoon Trees
09:34Sculpting Details on the Tree Model
16:36Using Stencils in Scultping
20:21Preparing the Model for Baking and UV Unwrap
24:35Unwrapping the UVs
27:25Baking the Model
31:34Adding Detail with Vertex Maps
33:21Rigging the Character
38:05Adding Weights to the Joints
42:54Using Signal to Create Procedural Animation
46:35Adding Spores to the Tree Model
49:14Recreating the Floating Spores Effect